Slainte! March is Newport Irish Heritage Month 2018!

Newport Irish Heritage Month 2018Come to Newport, RI this March for Newport Irish Heritage Month 2018! Newport’s annual, month-long celebration includes a host of events and activities including the 62nd annual Newport St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Newport’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade may be Rhode Island’s oldest – but it is just one of many of the events jam packed into Newport Irish Heritage Month!

Every March, Newport goes green with love and appreciation for its Irish heritage. Newport’s substantial Irish population was Rhode Island’s first, peaking in the 1820’s when Irish workers came to construct Fort Adams. Irish influences can be found all around Newport to this day, and so we take the month of March to recognize and celebrate them! (more…)

Celebrate Newport Irish Heritage Month!

2016 Newport Irish Heritage MonthMarch 2016 marks the arrival of the 39th annual Newport Irish Heritage Month – more than a month’s worth of celebration and recognition of the Irish American influence in Newport and beyond!

Newport Irish Heritage Month is jam packed full of events and celebrations – big and small – and no wonder: Newport was Rhode Island’s first community to have a substantial Irish population, a population that started as far back as the 1600’s but really began to take shape in the 1820’s as workers arrived to help construct Fort Adams.

Consequently, Rhode Island’s oldest Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is in Newport – but that’s just one of many of the events scheduled for Newport Irish Heritage Month. Below we’ve compiled a short list of just a few of the highlights of Newport Irish Heritage Month 2016! (more…)