2016 Newport Daffodil Days FestivalThe third annual Newport Daffodil Days Festival is 10 days of fun events and well over 500,000 daffodils in Newport, RI – April 16th through the 24th, 2016.

Newport is a lovely city no matter when you visit but during spring and summer, when the greens are greenest and the buds and blossoms are bursting with their bounty of beauty? Well, I think I can safely say that’s the time to catch the City by the Sea at her best.

The Newport Daffodil Days Festival capitalizes on this fact and one other, which some visitors may not be aware of: Newport has set herself a goal and it’s a bit of a daffy one. Actually it’s a very daffy idea – a DAFFODIL idea!

Over the last nine years, Newport has been hard at work to earn the unofficial title of “Daffiest City in America.” How? By planting more than 250,000 daffodil bulbs around town in various public areas, with an end goal of … one million daffodils.

While not quite having reached that goal yet, Newport is packed with these bright and cheery, yellow daffodil blossoms throughout two and, so, too, will it be with events during the annual Newport Daffodil Days Festival.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for April 16th at Bannister & Bowen’s Wharves between 2 and 3pm, and will kick things off with a firing of muskets. While the full 2016 Newport Daffodil Days Festival event schedule has yet to be announced, attendees can look forward to live entertainment, refreshments, contests with prizes, sales around town, parades, the crowning of the Daffodil King and Queen and other special events.

Newport Daffodil Days Festival

April 16th through the 24th, 2016
Newport, RI
For more information and updates, be sure to check daffodillion.com and the Newport Daffodil Days Facebook page.

Newport Daffodil Days Festival Lodging
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